An accessibility consultant can play an instrumental role in making your website ADA compliant. This is a hyper specialized niche so it’s important you work with someone who has expertise.

While comprehensive training programs like the ADA Compliance Course and WCAG Course provide invaluable foundational information, a consultant can illuminate the information and apply it directly to your website and digital experiences.

Expert Guidance for Specific Needs

Whether it’s interpreting demand letters, planning remediation, or building accessibility into your processes, my tailored advice is invaluable. My ADA Compliance Course and WCAG Course provide foundational knowledge, but specific consultancy brings this information to life, applying it directly to your unique digital landscape.

With my customized guidance, you’ll work through complex compliance issues much easier, ensuring that your website not only meets legal requirements but also becomes more inclusive for all users. This approach transcends legal obligations to open up opportunities for improving user experience, potentially incorporating SEO upgrades, and increasing conversions.

Strategic Organization and Direction

For many organizations, especially small businesses, the path to ADA compliance can be clouded with uncertainty. Consultants play a key role in organizing and directing your efforts. They also offer clarity and strategic guidance, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

This strategic direction is essential in prioritizing tasks, focusing resources where they matter most, and building a solid foundation for long-term digital accessibility. With expert planning and implementation, you can confidently work through ADA compliance, ensuring that your business remains both competitive and compliant.

Reducing Legal Risk

A critical function of an accessibility consultant is to help prevent litigation, a concern to almost all of our clients. Many billion dollar corporations have been repeatedly sued due to a lack of understanding of how to effectively prevent these lawsuits. An experienced consultant can help you identify precisely how to stop lawsuits by addressing where they stem from.

By staying ahead of changes in the law and adapting quickly to new accessibility standards, consultants provide a proactive approach to compliance. This foresight not only mitigates legal risks but also fosters a culture of inclusivity.

Cost-Effectiveness and Time Efficiency

Another significant advantage of hiring a consultant is the cost and time savings. In the field of web accessibility, there are many detractor products and services sold that don’t practically help customers – and many are unaware of this.

A consultant’s expertise lies in distinguishing between effective and ineffective solutions, ensuring that your investments yield tangible results. By avoiding the pitfalls of unproven tools and strategies, you not only save time and money but also fast-track your progress towards full compliance. This efficiency is crucial in maintaining the momentum of your accessibility initiatives and achieving long-term success.

Educational Role in Understanding Tools and Services

Consultants are also helpful in assisting you in navigating accessibility. They can help you understand the purpose of different software tools, such as scans, audits, maintenance, and user testing, and how to think of each within the broader context of your web accessibility strategy.

Do you need help with accessibility and ADA compliance?

Feel free to contact us. We work with attorney and ADA website compliance expert Kris Rivenburgh to ensure our clients have access to the best information.

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