Many website owners find out about ADA website compliance through a lawsuit. The complaints are generally filed in New York, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania federal and state court but defendants can be sued regardless of what state they’re headquartered in.

Tens of thousands of complaints have been filed in recent years and litigation totals into the hundreds of thousands when factoring in demand letters.

Lawsuits typically arise because plaintiffs’ law firms find technical accessibility issues such as missing alternative text on images, missing programmatic form field labels, a lack of keyboard navigability, and several others.

Three of the most active law firms are:

  • Pacific Trial Attorneys
  • Stein Saks
  • Mars Khaimov

To prevent or stop any further lawsuits, we highly recommend the ADA Compliance Course by Kris Rivenburgh.

This course tells you exactly what accessibility issues plaintiffs’ lawyers are looking for.

The vast majority of cases end up settling for between $5,000 and $20,000 along with non-money terms requiring that defendants make their website accessible.

If you have already been sued, always hire a defense attorney experienced in website accessibility litigation.

We can help you with audit and remediation services to make your website fully WCAG 2.1 AA conformant.