Would you like to certify your website as accessible? Many clients ask about ADA website compliance certification and we can certainly help with that.

ADA Compliance Certification

No knowledgeable / reputable company will issue “ADA website compliance certification” for a few reasons including:

  • There are no exact parameters on what makes a website legally accessible and
  • They are not a governing body or agent of the government or licensed by one.

However, a statement of conformance and/or independent certification will relay that your website has independently been deemed to meet WCAG 2.0 AA or 2.1 AA or 2.2 AA.

Statement of Conformance

The industry standard certification is a conformance statement that states that the URLs within a given scope are conformant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

This is extremely compelling documentation, but it is reserved only when a client indeed has made their website fully WCAG conformant.

The best path to certification is to choose us to audit and remediate your website. That way we can issue certification documentation immediately upon successful remediation.

User Testing Documentation

Another, more practical, form of certification is documented user testing. User testing is the process of an accessibility professional with one or more disabilities testing a website for accessibility. Usually the testing is conducted with assistive technology such as a screen reader.

Ideally, user testing documentation will come in the form of at attestation and a recorded user testing session demonstrating that your website is free of accessibility issues.


A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template or VPAT is a template that, when filled in, creates an Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR). This documentation amounts to an accounting of accessibility and it is typically reserved for products and services, but, on occasion, it is merited for websites.

General Advice

When securing any form of certification, look for the following:

  • detailed
  • specific
  • manual work (audit, remediation, or user testing)
  • issued by reputable provider

Also, be sure to save the file in a folder so you can recall it later.

Note that the more fresh the document, the more compelling it is. Any changes to the digital asset will automatically render the document expired, but expiration doesn’t mean the certification is no longer valid or useful.

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